Josh Lotriet

[email protected]


Crazy Cards

A popular "fill-in-the-blank" card game on Roblox, with a 17+ variant for older audiences. Includes excellent support for PC, mobile and consoles.

Game • Peak 10,000,000+ MAU & ~20,000 CCU • Luau


Previously a top 3 Roblox plugin & featured in a Roblox Creator Spotlight. Teaches how to code with a series of YouTube tutorials, coding challenges and quizzes.

Plugin • 15,000+ installs • 90% likes • Luau


A customisable bot that censors phrases, links, bypass attempts, and offers unique features, such as message reposting with inappropriate content removed.

Discord Bot • 1,000+ servers • 200,000+ users • Python

An open-source tool that takes the important, relevant text from articles on the web and displays them in an easy-to-read format without obstructive ads and pop-ups.

Website & Browser Extension • 2,000+ monthly visitors • HTML/CSS/JS


User-friendly software for a Raspberry Pi that allows for mobile phones and Xbox/PlayStation controllers to be used as Nintendo Switch game controllers.

Software • Dissertation Artefact • Python • HTML/CSS/JS


Lead Programmer @ Breakneck

Continuing the work of another programmer to entirely overhaul "Motorcycle Mayhem" on Roblox.

Feb 2024 - Present • Click to view game

Lead Programmer @ Bloxwork

Worked on “Special Forces Simulator”, averaging 2,000 CCU on Roblox. Significantly contributed towards rehauling the game to improve user experience.

Oct 2023 - Feb 2024 • Click to view game

Programmer @ Blueprint

Worked as a game programmer. Helped to develop "Food Fight", an online-multiplayer shooter game available on Roblox.

Jun 2023 - Oct 2023 • Click to view game

Freelance Bot Developer

Developed Discord chat bots for clients worldwide, ranging from multi-purpose bots for communities, to integrations with Roblox, Google Sheets, and Reddit APIs.

May 2021 - Nov 2021 • Click to see reviews

Community Lead @ ScriptersCF

Started an 8,000+ member, not-for-profit online community for Roblox developers, leading a volunteer staff team and organising monthly game jams with large prizes.

Apr 2017 - Present • Click to learn more


BSc (Hons) Computer Science

Graduated at the University of Lincoln, UK. Participated in NWERC 2020, a prestigious programming contest. President of the Lincoln Switch Society in 2022/23.

Oct 2020 - Jun 2023 • 1st Class Honours (76%)